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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Guam?
Guam is situated in the Western Pacific just 1400 km north of the equator, and 3400 km east of Hong Kong, Guam is the largest island in Micronesia and the southernmost island in the Marianas chain.

2. What's the climate like in Guam?
Guam's climate is warm all the year round, with an average temperature of 27 C. Temperatures rarely rise much above 30C or fall below 24 C. The year is divided into two seasons: a warmer, wetter period from July to November, and a cooler, drier season from December to June.

3. What is the political status of Guam?
Guam is an Unincoporated Territory of the United States, and its people are American citizens. A local governor and legislature are elected by democratic vote.

4. What is the population of Guam?
Of the island's population of 167,292 people, nearly 50% are of Chamorro descent, 25% are from the U.S. Mainland, and about 22% are Filipinos. Others are ethnic Micronesian islanders, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other Asians.

5. What are the languages used in Guam?
English and the native Chamorro are both official languages of Guam. There are also Chinese speaking tour guides available.

6. What kind of currency is used in Guam?
US Dollar.

7. What is the time difference between Hong Kong & Guam?
Guam is 2 hours ahead of Hong Kong.

8. What is the electricity unit in Guam?
110/120 V; 60 cycles, using 2 flat pin electrical plugs, the same as the United States.

9. Can I use my mobile in Guam?
The roaming service cannot be used in Guam. However, you can rent a mobile phone from the mobile rental companies if necessary.

10. Where can I rent a car in Guam?
Major international and local car rental firms operate from counters at the airport, in hotel lobbies, and other locations around the island. Rates are comparable to the United States and most companies accept major credit cards.

11. What kind of driving documents are needed to rent a car in Guam?
A valid U.S., international or Hong Kong driving license is required.

12. Any public transportation in Guam?
Most hotels have courtesy vehicles for airport transfers. The Guam Mass Transit Authority (GMTA) currently operates buses on nine routes, connecting nearly all of the villages of the island. The standard fare is $3.00/day. In addition to GMTA, Grayline Bus operates two routes: Tumon Course from Hotel Nikko to Guam Premium Outlets; and Hagatna Course from Guam Premium Outlets to Hagatna. Fares on both routes are $2.00/per person per ride.

13. Any taxi service in Guam?
Taxis are readily available at all hotels and major shopping centers. All taxis have regulated meters. As of 2000, the standard flag rate was $1.80 plus $3.00 for the first mile and $0.60 for every 1/4 mile thereafter.

14. Where's Guam Visitors Bureau office in Guam?
401 Pale San Vitores Road, Tumon, Guam 96913
Tel: (671) 646-5278/9
Fax: (671) 646-1415
Website: www.visitguam.org
E-mail: guaminfo@visitguam.org

15. What is the price of the packages?
Please click the HOLIDAY PACKAGES & TOURS button for details.

16. How/where can I book packages/tours/air-tickets?
Please click the HOLIDAY PACKAGES & TOURS button for details.

17. Which Airlines fly from Hong Kong to Guam? And what's their flight schedule?
Continental Airlines flies from Hong Kong direct to Guam four times a week every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday returning the same day. Flying time is just four and a half hours. China Airlines also fly from Hong Kong via Taipei four times a week also on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday returning the following day. Flying time is six and half hours with a change of aircraft in Taipei.

18. Which hotels are economy/beachfront/having penthouse suites/the best in Guam?
Please click the HOTELS button for details.

19. Do I need to apply for a visa before I go to Guam?
Holders of Hong Kong BNO passports do not require a visa, as is the case for many other nationalities. U.S. visas are required for holders of Hong Kong SAR passports, People's Republic of China passports and Hong Kong Certificates of Identity (CI) or Documents of Identity (DI).

20. How can I contact the US Consulate General?
Consulate General of the United States of America Hong Kong
26 Garden Road, Hong Kong
Tel: 2523-9011
Fax: 2845-1598
Website: www.usconsulate.org.hk

21. How to apply for a visa?
1) Complete application form OF-156 (provided by Dah Sing Bank upon payment of visa application fee).
2) Submit the form and a passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended stay in the U.S.
3) Submit a recent photo, 1.4 inches square (37x37 mm).
4) Pay the non-refundable application fee of HK$800 per application. This fee must be paid in advance at Dah Sing Bank.
5) Drop off the above items including application fee receipt and supporting documents any workday morning from 8:30 to 11:30 AM.
6) Approved visas will be issued by 4:00 pm the same working day whenever possible.
* (extracted from www.usconsulate.org.hk)

22. Any supporting documents I have to bring along with me for applying a visa?
Supporting documents most often presented are:
Personal financial documents:
* Inland revenue receipt
* Deeds to property owned or property tax-rate demands
* Recent current account statements
* Bank books and fixed deposit certificates

If applying for a tourist visa:
* A leave letter from your employer or school principal

If applying for a business visa:
* A letter of sponsorship from firm
* Correspondence concerning proposed trip
* A certified copy of the original business registration, Form 1a or 1c that states the owner's name
* Business profits tax statement
* Recent current account statements of the firm
(extracted from www.usconsulate.org.hk)