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Diving on Guam

Guam is one of the world's most comprehensive sports diving destinations. It offers a wide variety of wall, reef and wreck dives for all level of divers within easy reach of any location on the island. The lagoons and reefs surrounding Guam are littered with wrecks and debris from World War II attracting wreck diving enthusiasts from all over the world. These same lagoons and wrecks are home to over 700 species of marine life and more than 400 species of coral making it one of the richest marine environments in the world.

There are 15 well equipped dive shops catering to both local and visiting divers. Most are both PADI and NAUI certified and several offer IANTD training. They also offer a comprehensive equipment rental service, certified diver training from Novice to Instructor level and extremely well equipped dive boats. All dive shops offer free transportation service to and from each diver's hotel, regardless of location.

Apra Harbour alone provides a wide variety of well protected dives just minutes from the dock that can be dived all year around. These include a number of hard coral reefs that gently slope down from15 to 90 feet and a number of wrecks, some of which are in shallow water and safe for novice divers to train on and others which will challenge the most experienced wreck divers. One of the world's most unique wreck dives is located here. The Tokai Maru was sunk in WWII and lies on its side on top of the wreck of the SMS Cormoran , a victim of WWI, in 120 feet of water.

The outer reefs provide numerous coral garden and deep drop off dives, two of the most popular of which are The Crevice and The Blue Hole, located just south of the habor mouth. Visibility can reach a staggering 200 feet and these reefs swarm with large schools of tropical fish, colourful invertebrates and hard and soft corals. Dolphins, Barracuda, Tuna and Shark are all frequent visitors providing divers with an unforgettable diving experience and underwater photographers with opportunities they normally only read about.



1. The Blue Hole: Orote Peninsula
Cavern, Sea Whips, Fish
Guam's Blue Hole is one of the island's finest dives. An open chasm that starts at 60 feet and opens to the sea at 130, it is a surreal experience. Large fish like dogtooth tuna and eagle rays are seen along the reef top. And, on occasion, dolphins and pilot whales. Look for the rare flashlight fish at night.

2. The Crevis: Orote Peninsula
Sea Fans, Deep Cut
This deep canyon in the upper reef of Orote is full of fish life and golden sea fans. The currents wash this part of Guam with clear blue water making visibility here tremendous. A popular drift dive is to start at the Crevice and drift along the wall, passing sea anemones and possibly pelagic fish, finishing up at the Blue Hole.

3. Shark Pit
Orote Peninsula
War Remnants, Fish School
This old dumpsite sits next to a huge boulder that rises to within 15 feet of the surface. Schools of pyramid butterflyfish and snapper hover over old war remnants on the sea floor.

4. Hap's Reef: Agat Bay
Fish and Sea Anemones
Hap's reef is one of Guam's unique undersae attractions. A loaf-shaped reef northwest of Gaan Point, it is one of the places where divers can hand feed a large variety of Pacific tropical fish.

5. Gaan Point: Agat Bay
Coral Heads, Mini-Wall
The Gaan Point site is full of large coral heads and a variety of sea anemones. Each bommie seems to have at least one anemones in or on it. There is an old Japanese boat and a US amtrac as this was a major invasion site during the war.

6. Coral Gardens: Inner Anae Island
Caverns, Corals and Fish
The Coral Gardens are situated in the large channel that flows past Anae Island. The beauty of diving the Gardens comes from the great variety of coral sites and brillant sandy bottom.

7. Cocos Wall: Outside Cocos Island
Wall, Sea Whips, Fish
This wall along the outer edge of Cocos Island provides a glimpse at some beautiful sea creatures including stands of crimson sea whips. The more fantastic marine life is at the deep end of the diving scale here.



8. Piti Bomb Holes: Piti shoreline, Guam
Corals, Fish Feeding
Located inside the reef, the holes take on a deep blue hue surrounded by varying shades of turquoise. They are as appealing to snorkel or dive in as they are to view from the land. For non-divers, there is an undersea observatory in the largest hole.

9. Hospital Point: Tamuning Cliffline
Dropoff, Sea Fans, Fish
This rugged spot sits along the Tamuning cliffline south of Tumon and has lots of action. Big tuna and golden sea fans dot the wall that falls into the abyss. Look for large baitfish schools, jacks and eels in the shallows.

10. Tumon Bay: Tumon Bay
Tropicals, Coral Thickets
Tumon is an outdoor aquarium of the area's most common marine tropicals in abundance. Some not-so-common fish also will appear to those who put in the time in the water.

11. Gun Beach: North of Tumon
Mantas, Coral, Fish
When the surf is low, this is a great spot for all divers and watersports lovers. Most enter through a cut in the reef to explore coral gardens to the south. Mantas have been seen here feeding in the outflow.

12. Double Reef: Northwest Coast
Dolphins, Corals, Fish
Pods of spinner dolphins live near Double Reef, so the trip to the site can be half the fun. This remote area has nice sandy patches and coral gardens protected by an outer reef. Snorkelers love the shallow areas.



13. Fingers Reef: Near Harbor Mouth
Corals and Tame Fish
A popular second dive, this reef is full of sea anemone colonies and plenty of varied fish and coral. The many "fingers" of the reef jut out into the harbor to give plenty of habitat to marine tropicals that are fed by local divemasters.

14. GabGab Beach: South Harbor Beach
Coral, Slopes, Fish, Invertebrates
This can be a beach or boat dive and the reef has lots of surprises. Shallow coral canyons have lionfish and Moorish idols. In the evening, look for schools of squid and even a sea turtle along the great reef system.

15. Western Shoals: Near Inner Harbor
Coral Gardens
This popular reef has something for everyone. Canyons and sponge-covered slopes accent the rich marine life that is found all along the site. Look for large carpet anemones here.

16. American Tanker: Middle of Glass Breakwater
Large Sunken Tanker
A victim of scuttling following the war, this huge water barge now rests on the sea floor. It can be reached by boat or by a short hike down the cliff. Look for the huge rudder on the ship's stern.

17. Kitsugawa Maru: Central Harbor
Upright WWII Shipwreck
This war victim still sits upright as if poised for battle. Its bow gun and ammunition are still intact. The mast and bridge are covered in bright yellow cup corals for macro photography.

18. Tokai Maru/SMS Cormoran: North Harbor
Vintage Shipwrecks
This site is the only place in the world where two maritime victims of two different world wars sit one atop the other. The German ship and the Japanese freighter are intact and invite over swims and penetration for wreck divers.


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