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About Guam

Guam is just a four and a half hour flight from Hong Kong and is located in Micronesia in the West Pacific Ocean between Asia and Honolulu. It is the largest of the 2,000 tiny islands that make up Micronesia, just 32 miles long and 8 miles wide, and surrounded by white sand beaches and colourful coral reefs. A postcard perfect tropical paradise it is America's Pacific playground and one of Asia's most popular resort destinations.

Guam enjoys one of the world's most equitable climates with temperatures rarely reaching more than a few degrees above or below 80 degrees F. Balmy tropical breezes sweep across the crystalline waters of lagoons fringed by swaying coconut palms and clear blue skies, while visitors soak up the sun and enjoy the luxury and comfort of five-star resort amenities and cacophony of restaurant, entertainment and sports facilities.

Guam's hotel and tourism facilities attract more than 1.3 million visitors annually who come to dive, swim, windsurf, golf, snorkel, parasail, play, shop, explore ancient Chamorro culture, get married, honeymoon, dolphin watch, fish, dance, eat, drink and be merry.

Some visitors come just to experience the American way of life. Guam is an Unincorporated Territory of the United States, and its people are American citizens. A local governor and legislature are elected by democratic vote. The official language of Guam is English and native Chamorro, but Japanese, Korean, Filipino and Chinese are commonly spoken. More than 150,000 people live on Guam. About half of the population is of Chamorro descent while the rest is made up of Micronesians and other Pacific islanders, Filipinos, Americans and Europeans, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and other Asian nationalities. Guam's currency is the U.S. Dollar.




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