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Restaurants & Nightlife

Guam's cosmopolitan cultural mix has created a tempting diversity of culinary choice among the island's 250 something restaurants and fast food outlets. Local Chamorro culture places a premium on culinary skills which is amply reflected in the exotic dishes and flavours of 'island style' cooking which has never been shy to borrow a little taste or two from the numerous foreign cultures who have visited their island and made it home over the centuries.

Today, with up to 1.5 million Asian and Western tourists visiting annually the choice is sensational and caters to all levels of taste and budget. Guam offers just about everything from simple island fare and American and Japanese fast food to sophisticated Japanese and Chinese cuisine of all styles, the best of European and US steakhouse traditions, traditional and avant garde Thai,Vietnamese, Mexican and TexMex, Korean, Filipino, Italian, French, the Middle East and, being a small island surrounded by the world's largest ocean, a mouth watering selection of fresh seafood.

Visitors don't really need to leave their hotel to experience Guam's eclectic culinary influences, but a foray or two into the surrounding restaurants, bistros, nightclubs and bars is well recommended. A number of popular international chains are to be found in the Tumon tourist strip including the Hard Rock Cafe, TGIF, Planet Hollywood, Roy's ,Sam Choi's, Benkay and Genji and Tony Roma's. There are numerous venues featuring live music and dinner shows. Many hotels and large restaurants offer exotic performances of music and dance from Guam and the islands of the Pacific. One of the oldest and most authentic Chamorro show is Jimmy Dee's Chamorro Fiesta located on the beach at Agana. The SandCastles large entertainment complex features a cabaret and magic show direct from the stages of Las Vegas, as well as Guam's most popular disco and Karaoke lounge.

Karaoke, jazz, blues and western (as in 'wild west') bars abound from inexpensive 'holes in the wall' and beach bars to more sophisticated hotel venues. The local Chamorro dance clubs are also well worth a visit for Cha Cha and line dancing fans.

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